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1. Pandemics and financial development: A lesson from the 1918 influenza pandemic:



2. Anti-market sentiment and corporate social responsibility: Evidence from anti-Jewish pogroms.

3. Excess executive compensation and corporate governance in the United Kingdom and Spain: A comparative analysis


4. Executive pensions and the pay–performance relation—Evidence from changes to pension legislation in the UK:


5. The Symbolic Management of Women on Company Boards: Evidence Using the UK Davies Review


6. Gender diversity and the spillover effects of women on boards.


7. Women in the Boardroom: Symbols or Substance?:

'Symbols or Substance'


8. Is there a Negotiation Process in UK Remuneration Committees?:

'Negotiation Process in UK Remuneration Committees'


9. Appointments, Pay and Performance - Economic Journal - 2014

'Appointments, Pay and Performance in
UK boardrooms by Gender

'STATA analysis code'

'Robustness tests tables'

'STATA analysis code for robustness tests tables'

'Unpublished Appendix Tables'

10. Giving and Receiving. The link between corporate giving and executive pay

"Giving and Receiving. The link between corporate giving and executive pay."

Working Paper, April 2012



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